Professional BoatBuilder

Issue No. 141, February/March 2013 — Table of Contents


Table of Contents, Issue 141, Professional BoatBuilder magazineOn the cover: The Alustar aluminum hull structure of the 177′ (54m) Spirit of Tradition ketch Kamaxitha starts to take shape at the Royal Huisman yard (Vollenhove, The Netherlands) in 2009. This graceful, technically complex, and technologically advanced superyacht is indicative of the stature and style of designs coming from the Dykstra Naval Architects office (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) in recent years.
Story on page 50.
Photograph by Aaron Porter.



Quantifying wave impacts.
Page 36.

36    Analyzing Accelerations, Part 2
by Michael R. Riley
Resolving a fundamental mathematical factor concerning individual wave impacts is a first step in defining adequate criteria for the structural design of high-speed planing craft that could reduce the alarming personnel-injury rate in these boats.

Dykstra Naval Architects
New yachts from Dykstra.
Page 50.

50    Dykstra Revisited
by Dan Spurr
The Dutch naval architecture firm that specializes in superyachts and Spirit of Tradition sailboats hasn’t skipped a beat since its founder, Gerard Dykstra, sold it and went cruising.

Ullman Dynamics
Better helm stations.
Page 62.

62    Designing Consoles for Speed
by Johan Ullman
Design elements and practices that optimize steering console geometry on high-speed boats enhance their safety, control, and comfort.



4    Letters, Etc.
Readers comment on applying the automotive industry’s methods to assess vertical accelerations afloat; the challenge of wiring and plumbing runs in watertight bulkheads; and Phil Friedman’s rules.

6    Rovings 
compiled by Dan Spurr
Fabio Buzzi’s latest record; better canvas fasteners; a cure for funky air; new PRO-SET epoxy; GMT; a Kazulin without wood; CO2 blast media; the passing of Britton Chance Jr.; and Qwik-Lok marine plumbing.

16    Practical Solutions
by Steve D’Antonio
Collaboration between two small European companies yields a compact diesel hydronic heater for marine use that delivers high-efficiency and low-emissions heat.

24    Design Brief
by Brian Hancock
The notion of a 1,000-mile-a-day sailboat, aptly named SpeedDream, has spawned a range of related models from 14′ to 100′ (4.3m to 30.5m), and a sailing prototype.

30    Tools of the Trade
Our editors pick some favorite tools from the aisles of the 2012 International BoatBuilders’ Exhibition and Conference (IBEX) and the Marine Equipment Trade Show (METS).

80    Parting Shot
by Steve D’Antonio
Boatbuilders and service yards should take ownership of failures in components they install, and pressure the manufacturers to provide appropriate assistance to clients burdened by failed units.


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74    Tools and Tooling

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